Baked by Lauren. @elcee93


After the fun filled birthday shoot with my God Daughter, it was time to wash away that cake! I want all of these photographs framed; I love each one so much! OH the many faces of the Mia Meems!

I told my best friend Alex from day one that Mia (aka "The Meems") would be subjected to many photoshoots throughout her life, by me of course! Well, here we are a year later and my computer is already filled with hundreds of Mia photos......and it's only year ONE.


I was asked by one of my students in September of 2016 to photograph her new born when the day came. Here she is, one-day old and it was truly an honor. 

Social worker first, photographer second. Without either of them, I wouldn't be a great social worker and I wouldn'...

We caught the leaves before they were gone and golden this past October. Such a lovely fall day with the Phipps Family!

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