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I am a Minnesota native, an HBCU and NYU alum, and an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. I am obsessed with everything in nature and have a passion for helping our youth and creating art. 


New York City is my favorite place in the whole world and I spend an absurd amount of time photographing my food before I take my first bite. Storms would be considered my spirit animal if that were a thing and cloudy days make for the best days (in my world).

Some people express their thoughts and feelings through poems, music or painting. Photography is my everyday therapy and brings me as much joy as eating a Chicago style deep dish pizza.


As a social worker, my goal is to help my students and clients find what their "joy" in life is while providing them with the tools to heal from the past and prepare them for the future.

       Follow my everyday adventures on Instagram: @asha.belk
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